Every day, people entrust their health to their doctors’ treatment decisions—decisions that are informed by a diagnostic result 70 percent of the time. But reliable results would not be possible without proper, safe specimen collection and management by healthcare professionals and the products they choose. Seventy years ago, BD Vacutainer® products helped transform the collection process, making it safer and more comfortable for patients and clinicians. And with your help, we’ve continued to increase sample integrity and set a whole new standard in diagnostic accuracy. We look forward to an even brighter future advancing the world of health, together.

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Since the first Evacutainer tube debuted in 1949, it’s been our privilege to work with you to advance specimen collection and serve the countless lives behind each and every sample.


During World War II, Joseph Kleiner, who would become a BD associate, helps change the course of specimen collection by inventing a revolutionary way to collect blood. The new “Evacutainer”—which would come to be known as the BD Vacutainer® blood collection tube—is patented in 1949. In subsequent years, a storage canister is developed to help ensure a high-quality draw volume from the tube.

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“Some patients don’t even realize they’ve had their blood drawn, the poke is so much less painful for them. Nurses are happy they can reduce pain for their patients.”

-Jennifer Rettman, Infection Prevention, Beaver Dam Community Hospital

“BD is focusing on the quality of the sample and the quality of the results, not just the plastics.”

-Head of the Clinical Chemistry department, Universitatsmedizin central laboratory

Some patients

don’t even realize they’ve had their blood drawn, the poke is so much less painful for them. Nurses are happy they can reduce pain for their patients.

—Jennifer Rettman, Infection Prevention, Beaver Dam Community Hospital


BD is focusing

on the quality of the sample and the quality of the results, not just the plastics.

—Head of the Clinical Chemistry department, Universitätsmedizin central laboratory

Trustworthy results

With fewer steps, less manipulation, and reduced risk of contamination, BD Vacutainer® specimen collection products enable timely, high-quality, accurate results.1


Better lab performance for a better bottom line

BD® Lab Consulting Services can help you identify key areas to transform your workflows across the specimen journey, delivering meaningful improvements to your financial performance.

BD Vacutainer® portfolio*

BD Vacutainer® chemistry blood collection tubes are designed to provide high-quality, accurate results that support an array of test applications, helping to enable better patient outcomes

BD Vacutainer® urine collection products support specimen integrity and quality, for accuracy throughout the specimen collection process

BD Microtainer® contact-activated lancets and Quikheel™ lancets allow safer collection of capillary specimen from your fragile patients

BD Vacutainer® blood collection sets are designed to provide safe specimen collection for both the HCW and the patient

The BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ blood collection needle is safety-engineered to offer a simple, effective way to collect blood while reducing the possibility of needlestick injuries

BD Vacutainer® Luer-Lok™ access and blood transfer devices are designed to provide safe and efficient specimen collection from catheters and syringes

BD Vacutainer® hematology and coagulation tubes support the most common testing. High-quality collection, diagnostic accuracy and improving patient outcomes remain our top priorities

BD Vacutainer® and PAXgene® tubes for specialized molecular, cellular and proteomic applications enhance accuracy, reproducibility and workflow efficiency for emerging diagnostic testing and enable them to progress from bench to bedside

BD Microtainer® tubes are designed for the analysis of even the smallest specimens as efficiently as possible

Every second, 82 patients

Have specimens collected with BD Vacutainer® products

31.5M seconds per year, 10.3B BD Vacutainer® products sold worldwide per year, 328.4 products sold per second, 4 products per patient = 82 patients per second

BD data on file.

11,000+ clinical papers

Have been published since 2014 on BD Vacutainer® products

PubMed search (July 2018), Search "Vacutainer" filter 2014+

70% of clinical decisions

Are based on information derived from laboratory test results

Kaushik N, Green S. Pre-analytical errors: their impact and how to minimize them. MLO Online. 2014;46(5):22-26.

70 years and still innovating

The BD Vacutainer® blood collection tube was patented in 1949 by future BD associate Joseph Kleiner

Mackensen H.F (1977) BD & Co 1897 - 1977, A history of eighty years' service to the health industry.

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