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Delivering Custom Solutions

The BD Biosciences Custom Technology Team (CTT) is a specialized contract research group with core competencies in flow cytometry and multiplexed protein assay development. Solutions include custom products, contract manufacturing, assay development, and assay services that enable global biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and contract research organizations to respond efficiently to the rapidly changing landscape of research and development.

These solutions expand beyond typical offerings to essential resources such as protocol development, flexible delivery options, and quality documentation.

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Flexible Custom Product Options

Several versatile manufacturing and packaging solutions for custom products are offered to meet specific research needs.

Clients can define packaging and labeling of custom products for easy handling and tracking of reagents in the lab. Unique packaging options are offered such as dried down antibodies, antibody cocktails, immunological proteins, and cells to improve standardization and reduce hands-on time.

Central order tracking with transparent due dates and tight estimates for delivery is provided to help maximize lab productivity. Standing orders and batch delivery can be set up for high-volume orders to allow clients to effectively manage inventory to reduce costs.

Typical Assay Services

BD has conducted cell and protein analysis studies for many major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Example of assay services include panel design* and manufacturing based on customer specifications. Thousands of samples have been processed in various studies for cancer, autoimmunity, infectious disease, and HIV therapeutics and vaccines. Expertise in the typical study processes, combined with expertise in cell and protein analysis, can translate into efficient study completion for clients.

Solutions include:

For research use only:

  • Proposal development that outlines the assays to be used
  • Study protocol and SOP development that optimize collection and transport conditions in coordination with research and logistical teams
  • Feasibility studies using known positive and negative controls
  • Qualification studies to assess sample-to-sample variation, transport stability, intra-assay variability, inter-technician variability, and normal range expectations
  • Receive and track study samples using established SOPs
  • Process and analyze study samples following assay protocols
  • Submit a cumulative data file and comprehensive bioanalytical study report providing all information necessary to properly interpret study results

For clinical use:

  • Custom contract manufacturing based on customer specifications
*For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.