The Difference of Fewer Medication Errors

And a partner to help you from prescription to pump. It's a sobering truth: 56% of the most costly and serious medication errors are IV-related, and 61% of these are life threatening.1 It's a reality that can't be tackled by better infusion devices and point system technologies alone. Not when the underlying problem is continued reliance on manual handoffs, millions of manual keystrokes and disconnected management systems. This is where BD can help—with an advanced, single platform that spans workflows from compounding through bedside infusion. It's a proven approach that leverages our leading infusion platform, the Alaris™ System with BD Cato™ in the pharmacy. The result? An automated safety platform that links wirelessly to your EHR to help reduce medication errors and improve efficiency. Discover the difference you can make. Discover the new BD.

BD and St. Vincent Healthcare: A safe, smart path with Alaris™ infusion device interoperability

BD Cato™ medication workflow solutions

BD and St. Vincent Healthcare: A safe, smart path with Alaris™ infusion device interoperability
See how St. Vincent Healthcare achieved positive results in just a few months using Alaris™ EMR infusion device interoperability throughout their facility.

BD Cato™ medication workflow solutions
Hospitals have been compounding IV medications the same way for years, evidence suggests that these manual processes are both inefficient and inconsistent. BD Cato™ medication workflow solutions helps prevent errors to improve safety, standardize workflow to free up time and eliminates waste to save money.

Learn how our current clients implemented their solutions. Join us for an open and candid discussion about the process, challenges and rewards of implementing Alaris™ EMR interoperability. Register here for the webcast

1 Integrating technology to improve medication administration, Prusch et al., American Journal of Health System Pharmacy, May 2011

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