Working in partnership to advance the quality and safety of healthcare.

With the goal of improving the medication use process, BD collaborates with world-class industry leaders, health systems, clinicians and even patients every day to understand healthcare challenges and co-develop innovative solutions. We understand that, only by working together, do we all get better at supporting the continuum of care—from the hospital to physician offices, from surgery centers to the home.

Support a changing care model
Delivering patient care isn’t limited to the acute-care hospital. As health systems are expanding to support a broader space by acquiring outpatient locations, they must manage medications across a new spectrum. The Pyxis™ ES platform, Pyxis Mini system and smart CUBIE™ technologies are just some of BD's solutions designed to support non-acute areas that require trackable, secure transport of medications to areas with limited space. In addition, BD’s care transition solutions can even help improve medication adherence from facility to home.

Simplify processes across the enterprise
Standardizing medication distribution and infusion delivery across the enterprise is complex. With the CareFusion SmartWorks platform, BD technologies integrate with HIT systems to provide a common source of BD data, reporting capabilities and trend monitoring surveillance. Furthermore, variability and costly waste can be reduced via formulary and device interoperability, centralized system management and enterprise user management.

Keep an eye on inventory management
Without visibility into medication inventory across the health system, it’s difficult to know where medications are located, current inventory levels and inventory value. This lack of insight reduces the accuracy of medication ordering and can lead to excess spend and waste. With the Pyxis Pharmogistics™ system and Pyxis ES system health systems have the technologies and data needed to improve medication visibility, streamline workflows and reduce costs from procurement to bedside.

Manage 100% of medications
From point of order to administration or waste, management of medications is essential. Whether it’s orals and IVs or syringes and PCA, BD provides solutions that help manage and track medications in any form and across all processes—from procurement, preparation, compounding, transport, dispensing, administration and monitoring. And because controlled substance management and monitoring is critical, Pyxis ES technologies and Alaris™ infusion solutions offer secure closed-loop tracking and monitoring capabilities to help health systems maximize medication security and compliance.

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